Bennington Rug Drier Medium

New size Bennington Horse Rug Drier
  • New size Bennington Horse Rug Drier

Bennington Rug Drier - Medium

The new Bennington Rug Drier provides an effective, economical way of drying horse rugs. The Bennington Rug Drier is electronically controlled to maintain the optimum temperature to dry horse rugs and also does a great job of warming riding clothes before those cold morning outings!

Made in our Nottinghamshire workshops and finished in a durable black powder coat finish, the Bennington Rug Drier brings high quality Bennington engineering to the horse owner.

“We like the Bennington rug drier because it is so versatile and easy to use. We use it to dry everything, from big winter turn out rugs to overreach boots and bandages. It makes drying things in poor weather so much easier.” Wellow Equestrian

Finished in black and fitted with a 500w element. 240 volts

Size: Medium- W: 94cm H:145cm D:54cm

Price: £485

Colour: Black

Delivery: POA

Availability - please allow up to 3 weeks