Zilco Soft Weave Coloured Underhalters

Black underhalter
Underhalter Red
  • Black underhalter
  • Underhalter Red

Zilco soft weave coloured Underhalters

‚Äč* now available in Shetland size*

Zilco Underhalters are designed to be worn underneath a driving bridle. Discreet and lightweight, so as not to interfere with the functionality of the bridle.

Some competitions require halters to be worn with a driving bridle for safety reasons. This model meets these requirements without adding weight or bulk. They are also a great option for trail riding and a range of other activities.

This model is made from soft weave PP webbing for lightness and comfort in a range of colours to coordinate with preferred colour schemes.

Available in Shetland, Pony, Cob and Full size

Colours: black, red, royal blue and fluorescent green

*Fudge has on the Fluorsecent green underhalter in Full size

Price: £12.99