Zilco ZGB Harness


  • Made for the toughest marathon conditions with built in versatility between single, pair and team
  • Easy conversion from single to pair with the addition of few extra parts
  • Choice of detachable colour trim for breastplate and coloured browband to suit marathon colours
  • Suitable for: competition, commercial and pleasure carriage driving. Also trainers, particularly those working from single to pair frequently.
  • Available in single, pair or team


ZGB - Complete Single Harness
Cob 431006 £1,475.00
Full 431008 £1,485.00
Extra Full 431010 £1,530.00
ZGB - Complete Pairs Harness
Cob 431026 £3,025.00
Full 431028 £3,050.00
Extra Full 431029 £3,145.00


Price: £1475.00