ZGB Combination Breastplate

ZGB Combination Breastplate and Traces

Multi-functional for single, pair and team. Includes wither strap with moveable rein rings. Converts from single to pair via "Breastplate to Saddle Fittings" through the loop on each side of the breastplate.

Thick padded detachable lining. Colour trim may be fitted as an extra. Trace with 50mm (2"). Length measurement from centre of the horse's chest to the end of trace.

  Length Width    
Cob 235cm (92½") 100mm (4") 431603 £382.99
Full 260cm (102½") 100mm (4") 431604 £382.99
Extra Full 290cm (114") 100mm (4") 431619 £409.99


Price: £382.99