Bennington Gig (Ref.282)

  • Model: Bennington Gig - SOLD
  • Year: 2010 Built,
  • Size: 14-14.2hh,
  • Colour: Black with deep coach green wheels with gold coach lining.
  • Extras include: lamp brackets, whip holder, spares roll and full set of covers.
  • Wheels: 43" diameter, aluminium wheels fitted with solid tyres.
  • Track width: 138cm
  • Additional Information: Bought in May 2013 from Bennington as new, never been used. Lady that had it built sadly never took delivery of it as she lost the horse that it was built for. Cost new £7300. Only been used a dozen times so still in as new condition.
  • Price: Sensible offers around £2000.00