Complete Bridle

Complete Bridle - Cob, Full, Extra Full (19mm straps)

This bridle is supplied with the Classic, Elite and ZGB Harness Sets. All bridle parts are interchangable between the sizes of Cob, Full and Extra Full. Pony size has finer straps, which can be interchanged with SL parts and Fine Patent Bridles.

Headpiece - Padded headpiece for poll comfort

Blinkers - Position is adjustable by bending the wire filled stays.

Noseband - Double buckle adjustment and padded cin strap. Independent noseband, adjustable via the cheek buckles. Detachable flash strap.

Browband & Rosettes - This bridle comes standard with a plain browband and decorative rosettes. Other options are available.

Size Code Price
Cob 432316 £138.50
Full 432320 £147.50
Extra Full 432322 £152.50


Price: £138.50