Zilco Coloured Headstall

Zilco Coloured Headstall

Zilco PN 25mm quality Headstall. This halter is manufactured from woven polyester webbing coated with a copolymer developed by Zilco. Includes solid brass fittings with noseband buckle.

Features of hard wearing material include:

  • Retains flexibility over a large temperature range
  • Increased abrasion, tear and crack resistance
  • Sensitive feel (not a plastic feel)

Black Cob 544561 £52.99

Black Full 544581 £52.99

Blue Cob 544562 £52.99

Blue Full 544582 £52.99

Red Cob 544567 £52.99

Red Full 544587 £52.99

Price: £52.99