Empathy Breastplate - Complete Set

Empathy Breastplate

The unique Empathy Breastplate is a careful blend of ancient and proven harness systems with new lightweight materials that combine strength with low maintenance and maximum comfort.

The Empathy works with the horse's conformation instead of against it by allowing greater freedom of movement through the shoulder area. This enables the horse to pull a load with minimal restriction to limb movement or pressure on the shoulder joint.

Suitable for:

  • Facilitating best possible paces and freedom of movement in any horse or pony
  • Hugely advantageous to animals with a low headset
  • Animals with shoulder lameness from strains or old injuries or stiffness to the shoulder
  • Horses or ponies that tend to shorten their stride when in draft

Empathy Breastplate - Single

  • Shetland / Small Pony- £224.99
  • **Pony - £305.99
  • **Cob - £334.99
  • **Full - £334.99

**The Pony, Cob and Full Single Mk4 Empathy Breastcollar and the Pair Empathy breastcollar are now supplied with the same breastcollar front (with 2 dees and a brake strap) This means that the breastcollar is easier to balance. This means anyone wishing to convert single to pair will only need to purchase a pair of 481022 QR Trace Fittings and if needed a retainer strap. Small Pony Empathy collar is Mk3

Empathy Breastplate - Pairs (each)

  • Shetland / Small Pony - £238.99 ( No quick release but 2 positions to fit from Shetland to small pony )
  • Pony * - £382.99
  • Cob * - £411.99
  • Full * - £411.99

* Fits 32mm classic traces

Zilco Empathy Collar Fitting

Zilco Empathy Girth

Empathy Collar - Buckle Fitting Single to Pair

Price: £224.99