Carriage Servicing & Maintenance

Expert servicing and maintenance is essential to maximise the performance of your Bennington Carriage and ensure safe, enjoyable driving, as well as maintaining your investment. Bennington offers a wide range of options to keep your carriage in top condition, the most convenient being our 'while-you-wait' servicing, which is the perfect way to ensure your carriage is ready for competition or pleasure use.

Performed at our workshops by our highly skilled staff, our 'while you wait service' is tailored to the specific requirements of each carriage. During the service each carriage will be subjected to a full visual inspection and check of all major components. Where necessary, components will be adjusted and lubricated - including wheels, tyres, springs, turntable, brakes, delayed steering and extending axle. It is also the ideal time to replace wear and tear items such as wheel bearings,tyres and brake pads. Owners will also receive a personalised whatsapp video of the inspection which will provide a summary of any observations and work that we recommend is undertaken.

Whilst your carriage is being serviced you are most welcome to wait or alternatively, why not take a test drive of one of our new carriages or perhaps have a lesson with our own UKCC Level 3 Coach in Driving Sue Mart or a lunch at the nearby, at the Royal Oak Pub, SixtyTwo Coffee Shop or the Staunton Arms which is great for lunch and has accommodation.

Our simple maintenance guides are available via the links at the foot of this page - but whatever your servicing or maintenance needs, please call the Bennington Team on 01400 281280 to identify how we can best help you.

Remember - only Bennington has the experience, technical information and correct spares to properly maintain your Bennington carriage and the investment you have made in it.

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