How Are They Made?

Bennington prides itself in producing the very finest carriages , with each one being individually handcrafted to exacting specifications. Each and every Bennington Carriage is the product of many separate processes, each requiring unique skills to ensure that the final carriage meets our exacting quality standards.

Our carriages are made from steel and aluminium which are received in straight lengths. Bennington does not "buy in" carriage components other than highly specialised items - such as braking systems and tyres.

By prior arrangement, customers are welcome to visit Bennington to witness their carriage being manufactured

Stage 1 - Metalwork
The raw materials are measured precisely and cut to length. Using heat and specialised bending tools, the straight lengths are manipulated into exact components ready for assembly.

Stage 2 - Welding
Components are assembled into shape and re-measured. Once exact design specifications are met, welding begins using "Plasma Welding" that achieves stronger welds.

Stage 3 - Wheels
Bennington wheels are fashioned from aluminium. A Bennington innovation, our lightweight wheels significantly reduce the strain placed upon the horse whilst improving overall ride quality.

Stage 5 - Shot Blasting
Each carriage is shot blasted with media including steel shot and aluminium oxide. This removes microscopic imperfections and provides a perfect "key" for paint to adhere to.

Stage 6 - Powder Coating
Fine paint "powder" is applied and baked at 220 degrees C. The resulting "powder coated" finish is much more resilient and durable than traditional "wet paint".

Stage 7 - Upholstery
Our resident upholsterer will complete all fabric and leather carriage components. Having an "in-house" capability allows Bennington to produce highly individual carriages.

Stage 8 - Woodworking and Final Assembly
The final stage is the creation of all wooden components. Once completed, final assembly begins which involves installing braking systems, tyres, upholstery and trim fittings.