Bennington PRO Trainer

Bennington PRO Trainer

The Bennington PRO Trainer has been specifically designed to meet the needs of drivers who wish to combine dressage and cones training with exceptional levels of comfort, convenience and practicality.

Built to the same dimensions as the renowned Bennington Single Presentation Carriage, the PRO Trainer is fitted with parabolic elliptical springs and pneumatic tyres that provide greater levels of comfort and practicality. This enables effective training on a much wider range of surfaces whilst keeping the 'best' presentation carriage in pristine condition.

The PRO Trainer, a result of a many years of careful research, is the ultimate carriage for drivers wishing to maximise the value of their cones and dressage training.


Dressage and Cones training on all surfaces

Exercising on all surfaces


The PRO Trainer is a supremely comfortable and highly practical carriage. Built to the same dimensions as the Bennington Single Presentation Carriage, it ensures the correct seating position for dressage training as well as being the regulation width for cones training.

The design incorporates a two tier back step which enables coaches / trainers / grooms to stand in an elevated position and gain a clear view of both horse and driver to provide more valuable feedback and advice.

The incorporation of pneumatic tyres also makes the PRO Trainer perfect for training on all surfaces, especially sand arenas. It also reduces the impact on the grassed training areas, as pneumatic tyres do not 'chew up' the ground as much. This, combined with its practical design, answers the needs of many drivers who were frustrated at 'muddying up' their presentation carriage and wanted a more comfortable, easy to maintain carriage to help them get the very best from their training.


Independent aluminium shafts covered in a black plastic material for ease of cleaning.
Black metal tug stops and chrome under dees fitted


Aluminium wheels fitted with pneumatic tyres running on taper roller bearings and oil seals. Chrome hub caps fitted.


Carriage metal work is powder coated for a high quality, durable finish and is available in a wide range of colours.


Parabolic elliptic springs


Front double seat with drop in cushions including a box wedge cushion and two half cushions to enable the wedge to be positioned in the centre or on the right hand side. Padded seat back. Steel tube whip holder


Rear disc brakes


Springs Approx.
Track width Price inc.
13.2 - 15hh 27" / 69 cm Parabolic elliptic tbc Front 131 cms Rear 138cm £7,155
15.2 - 16.2 hh 29" / 74 cm Parabolic
tbc Front 131cms Rear 138cm £7,525