New - Zilco Empathy Girth

NEW - Zilco Empathy Girth

‚ÄčGirth for zilco saddles, with 25mm or 32mm buckle with elastic and comfy Empathy shape.

Zilco are always looking for ways to help your horse reach its full potential. With the love for the Empathy Collars, Zilco have introduced the same girth to the range. Allowing your horse to move naturally, comfortably and without holding them back.

  • ‚ÄčErgonomically designed for better fit and increased comfort
  • Shaped to provide more room and flexibility around the elbow
  • Two fitting options: one side more shaped than the other, allowing you to choose the best option to compliment the conformation of your horse
  • Dee rings at the front and back
  • Elastic piece in the centre of the girth for increased flexibility
25mm Buckle Girth - Fits Zilco Classic Harness
Pony 40 cms 444553 £68.50
Cob 50 cms 444555 £68.50
Full 60 cms 444557 £68.50
32mm Buckle Girth - Fits Elite and ZGB Harness
Cob 50 cms 432396 £73.50
Full 60 cms 432397 £73.50
X Full 70 cma 432398 £73.50

* measurements are taken from buckle to buckle.

Zilco Empathy Girth

Price: £68.50